Product review | Caryl Baker Visage “Spring Awakening” collection swatches and face of the day.

   You’ve probably noticed that spring collections are finally starting to make their way into stores – and these colors from Caryl Baker have to be some of the freshest I’ve seen! The collection is filled with an array of youthful looking colors – but what really stood out to me was the myriad of gorgeous lip colors…I picked up my favorites – but make sure you guys check em’ all out here (c’mon – click the link already)!

Spring Awakening Swatches

Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening FOTD


CBV “Spring Awakening” Collection

  • Super fresh color stories – each channeling some of Pantone’s most popular picks for spring!
  • Comes with 3 eyeshadows, a blush, lip liner, lipstick and clear lip gloss for just 75$ (reg. 127$)!
  • Shadows and blushes are super soft and pigment-rich – easy to build and blend!
  • Lipsticks are creamy and hydrating (and look awesome even on drier lips)!

Heart 9/10!

   I said this above – but my favorite thing about this collection is the lip products…the lip liners are soft nudes/neutrals and of course the lipsticks follow suit! I picked up two I didn’t have kickin’ in my collection…”Bloom’N” is a creamy peachy pink lip color – and Misty Brown is seriously one of my favorite nude liners right now – it’s a shade darker than most people’s natural lip color, making it perfect for almost any color you decide to throw over top! Enough about the lip products – the shadows and blush are great too – “Spring Fever” is a gorgeous pink that applies a lot softer than you’d expect – and I’m happy to say that the shadows apply exactly as you see ’em! I’m glad I picked this up – my only complaint would be that there are no scary colors in the collection (the kind that make you go “no, no, no – I could never wear that!”) – I would have loved to have seen some brighter lip or cheek colors – but hey, what can ya do?

   Now, for the look my beautiful friend Caitlin was nice enough to let me play with the collection on her face – and the only challenge was using only the products shown. I had to add in another color for her crease, liner and brows (“Hot Chocolate” also from CBV) – and obviously had to use a touch of mascara – otherwise though, everything you see is from the swatches provided! The cheeks and lips are actually so pretty on – and the eyes are soft and hazy – perfect for spring!

Important note: I know a lot of people actually use “Subculture” from M.A.C as their go-to nude lip liner – but “Misty Brown” is about 2 shades lighter and doesn’t overly affect the color of the product you decide to apply over top – I’m actually switching “Subculture” out of my kit in favor of “Misty Brown” – if you’re a makeup artist make sure to check it out!


Have you been able to get your hands on any of these goodies?

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