Product review | M.A.C cosmetics warm neutrals (“Groundwork”, “Uninterrupted” and “Matte Bronze”) haul swatches and review.

   OK, so this is a first – I haven’t reviewed a single M.A.C product on here (which is almost blasphemous for a beauty blogger, no?), but we’re about to remedy that today! I went shopping a few weeks ago and was on the lookout for some nice browns to add into my collection (considering the fact that I’m seriously lacking in the neutrals department) – and I must say that two of the things I got are working out quite well for me – the real reason I wanted to post this haul review was to talk about how terrible M.A.C’s matte bronzer is though – let me give you the low-down…

sepia 11

sepia 22__________________________________________________________________________

M.A.C Paint Pot in “Groundwork” and M.A.C Prolongwear Eyeshadow in “Uninterrupted”

  • Both colors are incredibly easy to work with and are universally flattering (you can’t mess these up…).
  • Use them together to create those notorious sepia-toned eyes you see in almost every summer makeup campaign!
  • “Groundwork” is great for laying down a creamy base – but once it dries it doesn’t budge!
  • “Uninterrupted” comes with a lot more product for just a few extra dollars!

Haeart 9.5/10!

   Not a whole lot more to say about these beauties – I’ve gotten a ton of use out of them though(to say the least)! Let’s talk about “Groundwork” – it’s a blend of taupe and brown, and as you can probably tell – would make a great base for a variety of looks. “Uninterrupted” on the other hand is the perfect sepia color – the warmth of this shadow is really going to make blue eyes pop – but any eye color is going to benefit from a tone like this! If you’re in a rush, I seriously recommend layering the two – it’s like, voilà – your eyes now look perfectly polished in two simple steps!

M.A.C Bronzer in “Matte Bronze”

  • The color applies poorly – it actually looks dirty when it’s on (I mean – check out my hand…)!
  • The most obvious waste of money I’ve encountered in a long time…

Heart 1/10!

   This bronzer seriously blows – I’ve never had to reapply my makeup because I didn’t like the way something looked once it was applied, but the first time I used this bronzer I actually had to wash my face and put my makeup on again because it make me look like I had patches of dirt strewed across my face…needless to say I tried to use it a few other ways to see if it was just me – nope! This product is just terrible all-around, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend buying it – well, unless you want to look like you took someone’s used toilet paper and dabbed it on your face – then yeah, this product is definitely for you!


If you’ve had a bad experience with a recent purchase – let me know!

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2 responses to “Product review | M.A.C cosmetics warm neutrals (“Groundwork”, “Uninterrupted” and “Matte Bronze”) haul swatches and review.

  1. That’s a shame because I was actually looking at Matte Bronze. I have actually never used a MAC Paint Pot but I know a lot of people rave about them! Worth checking out?

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