Product review | M.A.C Cosmetics nude lip (“Subculture”, “Ready or Not!” and “Myth”) haul swatches and review.

   So I have a “thing” for nude lip products (I’m a boy – what else can I get away with on a daily basis!?), and the ones I’m going to share with you today are the three that are literally always in my bag! Let’s break it down – the two glosses vary in texture and tone (even if only slightly) so I’m able to adapt them to most looks – and the liner, well that’s just to keep everything from traveling and looking ghetto, y’feel me? Anyways – let me show you what they look like…

Click on one of the pictures below to open up the gallery.


M.A.C Cosmetics “Subculture” lip liner, “Ready or Not!” prolongwear lipglass and “Myth” lipglass

  • “Subculture” is about 2-3 shades darker than most people’s natural lips – so if you want that “au naturel” look then reach for this liner!
  • “Ready or not!” and “Myth” both have amazing staying power and pigmentation – they are on the sticker side though…
  • “Myth” is more for fairer skin tones (with yellow undertones) while “Ready or Not!” is more for medium-tan complexions.
  • Must-haves if you’re a lover of nude lip products – not to mention they’re so on trend for spring!

Haeart 9.5/10!

   You can probably tell from the product shot that I’ve used these lipglasses so much that the actual writing on the package has started to wear off – seriously, I wasn’t kidding when I said these are my go-to lip colors! If you’re on the fairer side (with yellow undertones) then “Myth” is going to be your go-to gloss – if you’re a bit darker though (maybe medium-tan coloring), then “Ready or Not!” is going to be your holy grail lip product! I said this earlier, but keep in mind that if you’re not a fan of stickier glosses you’re definitely not going to be a fan of these guys – especially “Ready or Not!”, considering the fact that it’s only so long-wearing because of how tacky the formula is…if the stickiness doesn’t bother you though, then make sure to check ’em out!


What nude lip product are you currently rockin’?

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8 responses to “Product review | M.A.C Cosmetics nude lip (“Subculture”, “Ready or Not!” and “Myth”) haul swatches and review.

    • I’ve gone through maybe 3 tubes since it came out (Summer 2012) – so yeah, I feel the same way – ahaha! It’s hard finding that perfect lip color, y’know?

  1. Those look fantastic on you! No wonder you’ve worn the lettering off of them. I don’t mind sticky glosses except that somehow my hair always ends up getting stuck to my lips :(

    • Ahaha, I remember wearing a wig for a costume last year – I friggin’ hated my life ’cause I kept getting like CHUNKS of it stuck to my lip gloss!

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