Product review | AYA Cosmetics “Bare Basics” collection swatches and review.

   I’m sure I’ve said this maybe 8 times already – but just to make sure, have I told you guys about how much I love spring? There’s new makeup, skin care, fragrance, Game of Thrones starts again – ah, it’s a beautiful season…today’s all about AYA cosmetics though – so before I keep rambling, let’s check out some swatches from their newest lipstick collection!

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AYA “Bare Basics” Collection

  • Cocoa butter and avocado butter create an incredibly smooth, nourishing formula.
  • Meadowfoam seed oil and macadamia nut oil help to restore moisture to the lips.
  • Vegan, lead-free formula so you don’t have to worry about toxic dyes or animal byproducts!
  • Completely recyclable – helping you to minimize your environmental footprint one product at a time…
  • 4 grams of product – most companies only give you 3 – beat that!

Haeart 9.5/10!

   I am absolutely in love with these lipsticks…the formula is so soft and creamy – but not to the point where it just ends up everywhere, y’know? Not to mention how long-wearing they are for a mineral-based lipstick – I honestly feel like I get as much wear out of one of these creamy lipsticks as I would a satin or matte finish lipstick…and that’s saying a lot – it’s almost like the colors from these lipsticks cling to the lips (definitely not something you’d hear me complaining about…)! All-in-all I’d say these products are the perfect mix of “care” and “color” – they’re jam-packed with nourishing ingredients but still manage to compete with some of the major brands in regards to color choices and staying power – color me impressed!

   As great as the product is though, I think the company itself deserves some spotlight as well…it’s so refreshing to see a quality cosmetics company boast eco-friendly and animal friendly products – for example, the tubes for these lipsticks are paper-based and totally recyclable – which is awesome, because we want to minimize our environmental footprint wherever we can, right? I’m going to stop rambling now – but you can grab these lipsticks for 16.95$ here – make sure to check em’ out!


Stay tuned – a giveaway for this collection is coming very soon!

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