Beauty FAQ | “Is there some sort of magic trick I’m missing when it comes to self-tanner?”

   I think it’s great that more and more women are turning to self-tanning products for bronzed skin instead of opting for the more harmful alternatives. Getting the perfect sunless tan can be tricky though – and making it work is totally contingent on you…I like to think of myself as a little bit of an expert on the subject, so let’s get into a few of my favorite tricks to help ensure the life and quality of your fake tan!

5 Tips for a Flawless Self Tan


1. Clean, freshly washed skin is the first step to obtaining an even tan. Try to use body washes and exfoliants that don’t contain any oil – oils can actually impede the development of your tan! Starting with a clean palette is so important if you want your sunless tan to develop and fade uniformly – so take extra care in this step!

2. If you’re going to shave – try to do so at least 24-48 hours prior to applying your self-tanner. Shaving can almost “stiffen” the pores, making the skin very tight – this can actually make the skin unsusceptible to your self-tanner – and can actually cause the tanner to develop in patches…

3. Use self-tanner sparingly around the rougher areas of your body (knees, elbows, ankles…) – if you haven’t noticed those areas tend to really soak up the color and darken much quicker. I like to apply a petroleum-based product to the cuticles and nail beds to avoid discoloration…oh, and be sure to take extra care between applications in the winter when the skin tends to be rather parched!

4. Don’t fuss over slow color development – results can take anywhere from one to three hours to even start showing up(and the entire process can last from eight to twelve hours)! Wait a full day before you judge your color – if you feel like something’s missing on day two feel free to head back to the salon or apply another layer at home!

5. Extend the glow with follow-up products – some of my favorite self-tanning products come from Fake Bake so make sure to check ’em out! Their tan enhancing lotion is actually amazing (and you can get it on the cheap too) – it nourishes the skin and has a touch of iridescent pigment to give the skin a really nice glow!


What about you – do you have any pointers on achieving the perfect sunless tan?

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2 responses to “Beauty FAQ | “Is there some sort of magic trick I’m missing when it comes to self-tanner?”

  1. I just realized what a white girl I am and bought Tan Towels On the Glow to try to get just a little bit of natural-looking color before summer. Have you tried that brand before? I’m scared that Fake Bake will make me orangey.

    • Tan Towels are actually the worst thing I’ve ever used – Fake Bake is great! I was just at the spa show yesterday though and found my new FAVORITE tanner – I have to post a review soon. It’s called Pretend Tan and it is such a red-based tan that develops – I am obsessed!

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